April 2014
Criminalisation of Politics

An analysis of candidate data compiled by the Association for Democratic Reform shows the degree to which criminalisation has entered Indian politics:

Black Money and Elections: Who Will Bell the Cat?

According to studies, the 2014 general election is likely to be the most expensive election in Indian history, with a massive Rs. 30,000 crores being

War Won, Now Battle Begins For Telangana

It is likely to be a three-cornered contest between the Congress, the TRS and the BJP-TDP-Lok Satta combine in the newly formed State of Telangana, wh

Where the local trumps the national

Punjab’s Lok Sabha results have not always been in sync with national results.

Our Unrepresentative 'Representative Democracy'

Making a case for Proportional Representation mechanism as opposed to the incumbent First-Past-the-Post electoral system followed in India, Indraji

Timing of Elections Wrong, Taking Place too soon after Bifurcation: Dr. JP

The founder-leader of the Lok Satta Party Jayaprakash Narayan, has been campaigning hard for economic reforms and clean governance since 1996,

Challenging Times for the Economy

The high decibel campaigning surrounding the 16th Lok Sabha elections has drowned out the economic policy challenges before the next elected governmen

India Inked: Voting Day 6

In India, elections are festive. It is a time when young and old, men and women, and able-bodied and differently abled, come out of their homes and qu

A Battle with a Difference in Tamil Nadu

Electoral battles in the southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu have mostly thrown up decisive results; the 2009 Parliamentary elections were, however, a

Modi-wave or Modi-hype: A Paradigm Shift in Indian Democracy?

In this Modi-centric election campaign and its media representation, the two starkly opposite narratives, also sometimes labeled as Modi-wave and Modi

Dynastic Daughters

Dynastic politics has been described by many as a source of tension within Indian democracy. However, an emphasis on family ties has also allowed powe

Through the Looking Glass: The Rhetoric about Women in the 2014 Election

As election season heats up and women’s issues come to the forefront of the discussion, Hardeep Dhillon deconstructs the political rhetoric of Narendr

What Parties Promise

Election time is also meant for making promises. If the ruling Indian National Congress wants to continue on the path of reforms and provide inclusive

Will the AAP Succeed where the PPP Failed?

Developments in the political arena in Punjab since the 2012 assembly election, when the People’s Party of Punjab (PPP) was formed, and the recent ent

Is There Intra-party Democracy in Indian Political Parties?

To what extent do political parties in India practice intra-party democracy in their functioning? Ruchika Singh ​ ​analyses important aspects

152431605 - Kerala
India Chooses its Leaders – Day 3

Voters in 91 parliamentary constituencies in 11 States and three Union Territories cast their votes on April 10, the third day of the nine-day electio

Building a Culture of Tolerance

Religious neutrality has become an accepted behavioural script for the state, but not for society and certainly not for individuals even when they are

The Rising Representation of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh

Despite their demographic importance, Muslims in Uttar Pradesh have been traditionally under-represented in the State Assembly until the 2012 Assembly

India's Northeast in Election Mode

There is always an air of mystery surrounding India’s Northeast. Not only are the eight States linguistically diverse, each has a distinct political h

BJP - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"Today, India is blessed with the rare capacity and opportunity of Democracy, Demography and Demand. If we are able to consolidate and harness th

We need to talk about this Manifesto

A close look at the BJP’s election manifestoes from 1996 shows a consistent pattern of fielding the core Hindutva issues. What does the failure to pre

We need to talk about this Manifesto

A close look at the BJP’s election manifestoes from 1996 shows a consistent pattern of fielding the core Hindutva issues. What does the failure to pre

TRS Sees a Vital Role for Itself in the Union Government: K.T. Ramarao

All of 37, Kalvakuntla Taraka Ramarao, or KTR as he is known among party cadres, is already the face of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. He left a well-

Internal Procedures and Re-nomination in Indian Parties

In an analysis of the internal process of nominating candidates for the parliamentary elections to the Lok Sabha, ADNAN FAROOQUI and E. SRID

Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political Parties and Candidates

This is the Election Commission of India's guidelines on the code of conduct for political parties and their candidates. It includes general conduct,

Amenities for MPs

"After election to Parliament, the members become entitled to certain amenities. These amenities are provided to members with a view to enable th

Aam Admi Party - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"The Aam Admi Party is not just another party. It is a party that risen from the struggles of Ramlila Maidan and Jantar Mantar. This party

The Puzzle of the BJP's Muslim Supporters in Gujarat: A Summary

This report examines a political phenomenon in Gujarat: the support of Muslims for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that many Muslims perceive as resp

Power and Limitations of Opinion Polls: My Experiences

Opinion polls have had an air of mystery about them. In this special article, Rajeeva Karandikar, renowned statistician and Director, Chennai

Manufacturing Dissent: The Media and the 2014 Indian Election

The increasing corporatisation of the media—with business houses, politicians, political parties and individuals with political affiliations owning an

Election Commission of India: Press Note

Download the complete press note and schedule of elections from the Election Commission of India, dated March 5, 2014, here .

Schedule of General Elections

The five year term of the 15th Lok Sabha is due to expire on 31st May, 2014. Article 324 of the Constitution of India bestows the relevant powers, dut

Election Commission's Compendium of Instructions on Paid News

The issue of paid news has been hotly debated in the public domain, particularly as the role of the media in influencing voters assumes greater signi

Congress - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"The Indian National Congress has pioneered an entirely new way in which political party election manifestos are prepared. It is our firm belief

CPI(M) - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"The country needs to be rescued from the politics and policies of the Congress and the BJP. What is required are alternative policies in the rea

CPI - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"The situation today calls for a much more vigorous and sustained struggle by the Left to protect the economic sovereignty, people’s livelihood,

AIADMK - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"This Election Manifesto not only indicates what will be done for Tamil Nadu and the Tamil people, but also clearly spells out what measures will

DMK - Manifesto for Lok Sabha 2014

"We place this election manifesto before the electorate, paying our homage to our sagacious mentor who is taking eternal rest on the banks of the

The Puzzle of the BJP's Muslim Supporters in Gujarat

This report examines an extant political phenomenon in the State of Gujarat: the support of Muslims for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that many Mus