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The Hindu Centre offers two or three annual fellowships to distinguished policy practitioners, scholars and public intellectuals of established reputation to undertake research on issues relating to political institutions, processes and specific aspects of the working of India's parliamentary democracy. The salience and relevance of the topics will be a top priority in the allocation of fellowships.

Since a major goal of The Hindu Centre is to revisit key Constitutional concepts and to examine the continued validity of the post-Independence set of political values in order to assess their utility in the present context, research that significantly advances our understanding in this regard will be given priority. We will also welcome studies of political philosophy and concepts that can help illuminate some of the challenges facing Indian democracy today, such as the definition of Indian nationalism, ensuring democratic rights, addressing diversity, pluralism and regional aspirations.

The Fellows who are selected will be allotted workstations at the Centre's office in Chennai and will have access to library and scholarly facilities including the archives of The Hindu. The Fellows will also receive fixed remunerations on a monthly basis. The Centre expects that upon completion of the annual fellowship, the Fellow will produce a monograph that will offer original scholarship or contribute significantly to the body of knowledge on the particular subject of study.