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Model Code of Conduct for the guidance of Political Parties and Candidates

This is the Election Commission of India's guidelines on the code of conduct for political parties and their candidates. It includes general conduct, conduct at meetings, processions, on polling day, in the polling booth, and guidelines on election manifestos released by parties.

The Election Comission pf India (ECI), with this document, highlights the areas of conduct and behaviour of parties and candidates - the important people in our political process - which are not in sync with the functioning of a democracy. Communalism, corruption, and unfair criticism of political parties or candidates are some of the common areas which they touch upon.

To help apply the code of conduct, ECI is appointing Observers: if the candidates or their agents have any specific complaint or problem regarding the conduct of elections they may bring the same to the notice of the Observer.

The ECI also notes that the party in power could use its official position to gain unfair advantage. This it tries to avoid via its recommendations.

Download the full document here .

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