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Hardeep Dhillon

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Hardeep Dhillon is a historian of twentieth-century India. She completed her Bachelors from the University of California, Berkeley where she simultaneously studied South Asia and Religious Studies. Following two years of professional development in domestic and international policy and litigation, she pursued her Masters at the University of Chicago. Dhillon will begin doctoral work in Fall, 2014. Her research interests include minority communities, Islam, law, citizenship, secularism, and gender studies.

Through the Looking Glass: The Rhetoric about Women in the 2014 Election

As election season heats up and women’s issues come to the forefront of the discussion, Hardeep Dhillon deconstructs the political rhetoric of Narendr

Doniger and the Struggles of Academic Inquiry

The withdrawal of Wendy Doniger’s 'The Hindus: An Alternative History', encapsulates the challenges facing freedom of academic expression in an India