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Union Budget Speech, 2016-17

B.Line:Finance Minister Arun Jaitley arriving to present the General Budget 2016 at Parliament house along with MOS Finance Jayant Sinha ,in New Delhi ,on 29.2.16. Pic : Kamal Narang | Photo Credit: Kamal Narang

"Our agenda for the next year is, therefore, to ‘Transform India’ in this direction. My Budget proposals are, therefore, built on this transformative agenda with nine distinct pillars. These include: (i) Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare: with focus on doubling farmers’ income in five years; (ii) Rural Sector: with emphasis on rural employment and infrastructure; (iii) Social Sector including Healthcare: to cover all under welfare and health services; (iv) Education, Skills and Job Creation: to make India a knowledge based and productive society; (v) Infrastructure and Investment: to enhance efficiency and quality of life; (vi) Financial Sector Reforms: to bring transparency and stability; (vii) Governance and Ease of Doing Business: to enable the people to realise their full potential; (viii) Fiscal Discipline: prudent management of Government finances and delivery of benefits to the needy; and (ix) Tax Reforms: to reduce compliance burden with faith in the citizenry."

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“This year’s Economic Survey comes at a time of unusual volatility in the international economic environment. Markets have begun to swing on fears that the global recovery may be faltering, while risks of extreme events arerising. Amidst this gloomy landscape, India stands out as a haven of stability and an outpost of opportunity. Its macro-economy is stable, founded on thegovernment’s commitment to fiscal consolidation and low inflation.” [Full text of the Economic Survey - PDF]

Railway Budget Speech 2016-17:

The Minister for Railways, Suresh Prabhu, presented the Railway Budget for the year 2016-17. In his budget speech, Suresh Prabhu made the point that the government wanted to “provide to the citizens a rail system that they can be proud of – a system free from capacity constraints, a system that is efficient and predictable, a system that is sparkling and pristine, where the people of my country feel at ease, where there is plenty of choice in every sphere of activity, and the ease of doing business pervades the entire railway ecosystem.” Full text of the Railway Budget speech:

Address by President Pranab Mukherjee to the Joint Session of Parliament - February 23, 2016:

Full text of the address by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, to the joint session of Parliament on February 23, 2016. The President’s Address marked the start of the Budget session of Parliament. Source: Office of the President of India.

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