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Law Commission Report on Death Penalty

New Delhi, 31/08/2015 : Justice Ajit Prakash Shah, Chairman, Law Commission of India addressing press conference regarding Commissions 262nd Report titled 'The Death Penalty', in New Delhi on Monday. Aug 31, 2015. Photo: Shanker Chakravarty | Photo Credit: Shanker Chakravarty

The Law Commission of India in its report on The Death Penalty has recommended that "the death penalty be abolished for all crimes other than terrorism related offences and waging war." In its 262nd report, which was submitted on August 31, 2015, the 10-member Commission, headed by the Law Commission Chairman, Justice A.P. Shah, expressed hope that the "Report will contribute to a more rational, principled and informed debate on the abolition of the death penalty for all crime," and that the "movement towards absolute abolition will be swift and irreversible."
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