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Jayalalithaa acquitted by Karnataka High Court in Disproportionate Assets Case

On May 11, 2015, the Karnataka High Court set aside a trial court's order convicting Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J. Jayalalithaa, and three others and sentencing them to four years of imprisonment. Justice C.R. Kumaraswamy, who pronounced the judgment, wrote that while calculating the total worth of assets and the expenditure for the marriage of Jayalalithaa's foster son, also an accused in the case, the prosecution had "exaggerated" the values.

“The prosecution has mixed up assets of accused, firms and companies, and added cost of construction at Rs. 27,79,99945 and marriage expenses at Rs. 6,45,04,222 and valued the assets at Rs. 66,44,73,573. If we remove the exaggerated value of cost of construction and marriage expenses, the assets will work out at Rs. 37, 59,02,466. The total income of the accused, firms and companies is Rs. 34,76,65, 654. Lack of proportion amount is Rs. 2,82,36, 812. The percentage of disproportionate assets is 8.12 per cent. It is relatively small. In the instant case, the disproportionate asset is less than 10 per cent and it is within permissible limit. Therefore, accused are entitled for acquittal. When the principal accused has been acquitted, the other accused who have played lesser role are also entitled for acquittal.” ( Page 914 )

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