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National Urban Transport Policy [PDF 242 KB]

Transport Policy | Photo Credit: abc

India’s urban population is projected to grow to about 473 million in 2021 and to 820 million by 2051, as against only 285 million in 2001. To be able to support the required level of economic activity, the urban areas in India must provide for easy and sustainable flow of goods and people. Poor mobility can be a major dampener to economic growth and cause a dip in quality of life. A policy is, therefore, needed on the approach to dealing with this rapidly growing problem as also offer a clear direction and a framework for future action.

The first version of the National Urban Transport Policy was launched in 2006 and a revised version was released in 2014. The Policy can be accessed by clicking the link below.

National Urban Transport Policy [PDF 242 KB]Source : Government of India Source URL :  


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