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Resource: National Monetisation Pipeline Volume I and Volume II

In July 2021, the Niti Aayog prepared a National Monetisation Pipeline "to provide a direction to the monetisation" of public assets. The two-volume document can be accessed here:


[An excerpt]

Infrastructure is critically linked to growth and economic performance. Benefits of higher investment in good quality Infrastructure manifest in the form of increased employment opportunities, access to market and materials, improved quality of life and empowerment of vulnerable sections. Recognizing the importance of infrastructure, the Government has continued its focus on sustaining and stepping up the pace of infrastructure investment. Investment led growth is therefore, central to the economic agenda of the Government and one of the pre-requisites of Investment led growth is capital and asset recycling. Asset recycling and monetization is the key to value creation in Infrastructure by serving two critical objectives, unlocking value from public investment in Infrastructure and tapping private sector efficiencies in operations and management of infrastructure. 

Under the Union Budget 2021-22, Monetization of Assets has been identified as one of the three pillars for enhanced and sustainable infrastructure financing in the country. The Budget also envisioned preparation of a “National Monetisation Pipeline” (NMP) to provide a direction to the monetisation initiative and visibility of investors. In pursuance of the same, NITI Aayog was tasked with creation of the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP) for brownfield core infrastructure assets. 

The NMP has been created to be co-terminus with the balance NIP period, 4 year period from FY2022 to FY2025. The NMP has been prepared based on inputs and consultations from the respective line ministries and departments along with an assessment of the total asset base available. The NMP document has been developed and is structured as two volumes (Volume I & II) wherein the Volume I is being developed as a Guidebook comprising of conceptual overview, instruments, steps involved and key reform imperatives. Volume II comprises of the pipeline of Central Government ministries / sector wise citation of assets along with phasing and overview of assets. The NMP is meant to serve as an essential roadmap for the Asset monetisation of various brownfield infrastructure assets across roads, railways, shipping, aviation, power, telecom, oil & gas, and warehousing sectors. ...

National Monetisation Pipeline Volume I [PDF 10.1 MB] and Volume II [PDF 8.21 MB]Source : NITI Aayog, Government of India Source URL : Volume I : Volume II :


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