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Resource: Energy Statistics 2021 [PDF 5.07 MB]

The full text of the report, Energy Statistics India 2021, can be accessed here:

Introduction [An excerpt]

"The present publication, Energy Statistics India 2021, is fully compliant with the IRES 2011 and follows the practices prescribed therein.

The publication in its various chapters presents the concepts of production, consumption, trade, energy balance etc. The data is collected from various line Ministries/Departments of Government of India including Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Ministry of Power, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy etc. Chapter 1 presents the reserves and potential for generation in the country, Chapter 2 focuses on Installed Capacity and capacity utilization, Chapter 3 gives the production statistics of various energy resources and products, Chapter 4 adds up the statistics on imports-exports and prices in the scenario, the final availability of energy in the country is then given in Chapter 5, and Chapter 6 highlights the consumption of energy sector/industry wise. The overall energy balance combining information of all the previous chapters is presented in Chapter 7 of the publication while chapter 8 looks at sustainability in energy. This publication, the 28th in the series, is an updated and integrated repository of statistics on energy resources and highlights the India’s commitment and the progress made so far in the area of reliable, sustainable and efficient energy systems in the country."


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