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NSS Report: Persons with Disabilities in India [PDF 2.13 MB]

"This report is based on the Survey of Persons with Disabilities in India conducted during NSS 76th round (July – December 2018). The 76 th round Survey of Persons with Disabilities was spread over 8,992 FSUs (5,378 FSUs in rural areas and 3,614 FSUs in urban areas) covering 1,18,152 households (81,004 in rural areas and 37,148 in urban areas) and enumerating 5,76,569 persons (4,02,589 in rural areas and 1,73,980 in urban areas). In this survey, total number of persons with disability surveyed was 1,06,894 (74,946 in rural areas and 31,948 in urban areas)." Related Links:  

Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. 2017. MoSPI Report: Disabled Persons in India: A Statistical Profile - 2016 , July 21.

Press Information Bureau. 2015 . Census Data on Disabled Population , July 1.


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