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National Health Profile 2019 [PDF 4.53 MB]


The Central Bureau of Health Intelligence (CBHI) has been releasing its annual publication "National Health Profile (NHP)" on a regular basis since 2005. It involves prolonged, systematic and genuine efforts to collect an enormous amount of national data from the Directorates of Health & Family Welfare of all the 36 States/UTs, Central Government Organizations, National Health Programmes and various other concerned national and international agencies in India.

This publication of vital national significance brings out very substantial Health Information under six major indicators viz. Demographic, Socio-Economic, Health Status, Health Finance, Health Infrastructure and Human Resources for the specified calendar year and much more relevant information required for an efficient public health system in our country. The sources as well as shortcomings of the data are also indicated.

The 14 th edition of NHP includes updated information from concerned State/UTs, Central Government Ministries and other organizations/agencies. It is expected that this national reference document shall be of immense support to all concerned government departments & institutions, public sector enterprises, non-government organizations, policy makers, planners, administrators, managers, researchers and academicians for a strong and efficient health system in India.

I would like to applaud Director, CBHI and her entire team for timely publication of this 14th edition of ' National Heath Profile '.

The ideas for further improvement of this publication will be highly appreciated and may kindly be shared with CBHI, Directorate General of Health Services, Government of India.

Dr S. Venkatesh Director General of Health Services

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