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Vasundhara Sirnate Drennan

Vasundhara Sirnate Drennan is former Chief Coordinator of Research at The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy. She is also a Ph.D candidate in Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley, U.S., and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council, Washington D.C.

Jallikattu and the Art of Legal Dodging

In mid-January, Tamil Nadu was witness to a popular youth protest against the Supreme Court’s ban on holding Jallikattu—an annual rural sport in which

Mapping and its Discontents: The Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016

The new Geospatial Information Regulation Bill proposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs attempts to regulate the flow of digital and cartographic info

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When Srinagar Sank

Conflicting versions of the army’s role during the Kashmir floods make it difficult to ascertain the truth of the rescue efforts, says Vasundhara S

Passive Police: Institutional Learning Through Inquiry Commissions

Commissions of inquiry set up by the Indian state in three instances – the anti-Sikh riots (1984), the Mumbai riots (1992-93), and, the post-Godhra ri