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Varsha Aithala

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Varsha Aithala is a Ph.D. student at the National Law School of India University. Her doctoral research examines the scope for private capital in Indian legal system reform. Her research interests span the areas of contract law, corporate law, legal system reform and the legal profession. She has a Master’s degree in Corporate Law from the University of Cambridge and a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Nalsar University of Law. Previously, she was Research Fellow and a faculty member at the School of Policy and Governance, Azim Premji University. Prior to that, she worked as senior associate in Samvād: Partners. She has more than a decade of practice experience in corporate and commercial laws in India and the United Kingdom. Varsha is Business and Legal Regulation Lead at Justice Adda.

The Supreme Court of India's Vision for e-Courts: The Need to Retain Justice as a Public Service [HTML version]

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is the change in the way in which societies - individuals and groups, businesses and governments - op