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Praveen Chakravarty

[email protected]

Praveen Chakravarty is a Visiting Senior Fellow at IDFC Institute. Chakravarty’s work focuses on empirical research using diverse datasets for policy outcomes. It encompasses fields of political economy using electoral data and issues of public policy in finance and economics. He has been published in several Indian and foreign mainline publications and academic publications such as the Economic & Political Weekly . He writes a popular monthly column titled "Noise to Signal" in Bloomberg Quint . Chakravarty is the Founding Trustee of India Spend , India’s first non-profit data journalism initiative, a board member of PRS Research that provides legislative research support to Members of Parliament and a board member of Centre for Civil Society, India’s highest ranked think tank. Chakravarty holds an MBA from The Wharton School and an undergraduate degree from BITS Pilani.

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The ‘One Nation’ Fallacy in a ‘New’ India

The early years of the Indian republic saw an emphasis on nation building, accomplished through a top-down policy paradigm driven by the Centre and fl