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Nandini Dubey

[email protected]

Nandini Dubey’s research focusses on the potential of post office banking in India in terms of financial inclusion. Her research also covers an international comparison of postal services including the study of the existing models of post offices that run banks in Germany and Japan as well as Indonesia’s Public-Private Partnership.

The Future of Post Offices as Banking Institutions in India

This report seeks to integrate threads of India’s financial inclusion dynamics and recognise the role post offices could play with their homespun technology. It anticipates a future for Indian post offices as banking institutions, taking into consideration the deposits, performance, and administration of the branches that provide Core Banking Solutions (CBS) in Chennai. This report will look at the transitions and institutional layering that the Post Office Savings Banking is going through. This report aims to provide an unbiased evaluation of post office banking, focussing on the loopholes that need to be plugged in the process of institutional layering. The report includes suggestions that will enable the Indian postal services to become an instrument of financial inclusion. The main conclusion of the study is that post offices can do better as an agency commission for credit facilities than as a provider of first party services.[PDF 7.24 MB]