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Janani Krishnaswamy

Janani Krishnaswamy’s research interests include intelligence, transatlantic security, information security, counter-radicalization and social media research. An International Relations postgraduate from King’s College London, she has worked in two prominent public policy think tanks in London (Demos) and Washington (Hudson Institute) and a global security firm, G4S Risk Management in London.

Why Intelligence Fails
Why Intelligence Fails

In The Hindu Centre’s latest policy report, Janani Krishnaswamy asks why intelligence services in India have repeatedly failed to pre-empt terrorist attacks. Working back from the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 and the Kargil proxy war in 1999 she finds that intelligence in India is not compromised merely by a lack of actionable information, but also by a glaring reluctance and inability to reform the intelligence apparatus.She identifies ‘reform failure’ as a key variable in the intelligence debate in the country. The study combines readings of inquiry reports with indepth interviews with producers and consumers of actionable intelligence to come up with a theory of intelligence failure in India.Download PDF [PDF 1.74 MB]