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G. Vijay

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G. VIJAY  is Assistant Professor at the School of Economics, University of  Hyderabad. He received his PhD in Development Studies from Institute of Social Studies, The Hague in 2004. His recent co-authored  publications with Ajay Gudavarthy include Social Policy and Political Mobilization in India: (2020): Producing Hierarchical Fraternity and Polarized Differences in Development and Change, 51(2), pp.463-484 and Populism, Fascism, Neoliberalism: Theorizing Contemporary India in Samir Gandesha (ed) (2020):  Spectres of Fascism; Historical, Theoretical and International Perspectives , Pluto Press; London.

A Pandemic as a Political Reality Check

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought governments and their policies under scrutiny. In India, daily official bulletins talk about the numbers of persons