February 2014
The Mudgal Report: Beating the IPL Haze

These are times when the controversies surrounding cricket are more in the headlines than the score. Last year’s Indian Premier League was dogged by a

In defence of the offensive

The right to free speech and expression also includes the right for people to be exposed to differing points of view. Book purges have been a staple o

BJP’s Elusive Search in Tamil Nadu

The BJP’s strategy to raise its vote share in Tamil Nadu to 16 per cent by enlisting the support of smaller regional parties and caste-based groups wa

DMK’s Azhagiri Riddle: Realpolitik or Bravado Overdone?

The line between bravado and pyrrhic victory is slender, more so in the realm of political melodrama in India. The latest case in point is the interna

Passive Police: Institutional Learning Through Inquiry Commissions

Commissions of inquiry set up by the Indian state in three instances – the anti-Sikh riots (1984), the Mumbai riots (1992-93), and, the post-Godhra ri

Good Laws, Bad Implementation

Rights may be self-evident and constitutionally secured; however, they do not automatically implement themselves.