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    Is There Intra-party Democracy in Indian Political Parties?

    Ruchika Singh

    To what extent do political parties in India practice intra-party democracy in their functioning? Ruchika Singh analyses two important aspects of the internal functioning of political parties — the process of choosing candidates and distributing tickets for contesting elections, and the process of holding internal elections for various posts — ​and highlights the opacity that is a feature of many a political party in India.

Verdict 2014 Commentary and Analysis of Trends for the General Election 2014


Prof. Rajeeva L. Karandikar, Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute, gestures during the lecture. Photo: M. Prabhu

The Hindu Centre hosts lecture-discussion on Science Behind Opinion Polls

With the concept of opinion polls being dissected in political circles, Prof. Rajeeva L. Karandikar, Director, Chennai Mathematical Institute, demystified the science behind it, in a lecture-discussion at The Hindu Centre. Having illustrated it with experiences and anecdotes, he stated the factors behind the creation of a genuine effort in gauging the mood of the voters: the methodology, the maths behind votes to seats, the consideration of errors, and the credibility of a survey if taken scientifically.



The Puzzle of the BJP's Muslim Supporters in Gujarat

Raheel Dhattiwala

This report examines an extant political phenomenon in the State of Gujarat: the support of Muslims for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that many Muslims perceive as responsible for the brutal violence in the State in 2002 when at least a thousand Muslims were killed. Findings and implications presented in this report are based on 23 months of ethnographic fieldwork—in periods spanning three elections in 2010, 2012 and 2014—and an analysis of 101 polling booths in Ahmedabad city. Public support of Muslims for the BJP surged in the period 2010 to 2012. However, ecological inferences drawn from polling booth analysis raise the strong possibility that the public support did not translate into electoral support for the party in the 2012 State elections. A plausible explanation of such contradictory behaviour lies in the dependence of voters on state patronage of incumbent governments and in the expressive dissonance produced in absence of a space for dissent. In the period prior to the 2014 elections, public support for the BJP among Muslims had marginally reduced, perceived by Muslims as a sign of the BJP reneging on prior promises.

About The Hindu Centre

The founding spirit of The Hindu Centre is the firm conviction that the publishers of The Hindu, a major force for public good and which has had a stellar role in building India’s democratic life, can help revive ebbing public confidence in our parliamentary democracy. Public confidence in India’s democratic institutions and political processes are at an all-time low and there is a rising danger of the Indian public becoming alienated from the electoral process, angered by the failure of politicians to deliver on basic expectations.

We see this as a dangerous trend and hence, by launching a credible and independent platform for an exploration of ideas and public policies, hope to contribute to the rebuilding of public faith in India’s democratic process. We see it as our mission to restore pride and faith in the idea of Indian citizenship and nationhood. This is not a statement of sentiment but intent.

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    • As a reader of The Hindu, I am satisfied with the way they handle issues which are of importance to our nation. The initiative by The Hindu is effective, in a time when public policy in India is losing its values. I hope The Hindu would start a centre for foreign policy as well.

      - Aravind.V
    • Given media's brazen distortions on key public policies due to the vested interest of the promoters, there are tendencies of warming up to a particular political party. We the public are really relieved that "The Hindu" for the people, by the people and of the people, has risen to the occasion in making us explore, understand and critically evaluate the subjects which effect us in our everyday life. The spirit of nationalism is felt when we read the paper, and now The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy will be a part of our lives every day.

      - Rajesh Katragadda
    • I personally feel that this platform brings ideas and issues from different parts of the country and proposals for useful solutions. Hope this platform also brings about a policy revolution to guide us as a nation of people(not a nation of politics).

      - Suyash Mishra

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