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. Thinkers at Jaipur Literature Festival hope for a better political discourse

Eminent Indian and international thinkers shared their varied views on the present wave of change in India's political climate. A report on the six ‘Democracy Dialogues’ sessions at the Jaipur Literature Festival.

. Leadership vacuum feeding India’s right-wing politics: Dipankar Gupta

Socialogist Prof. Dipankar Gupta re-conceptualises Indian citizenship, rooting it strongly in equality at a basic level, wider than a political righ to vote in a democracy. In this 30-minute interview held during the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF), Prof. Gupta evocatively argues for equality "not in terms of ends, but in terms of beginnings’’.

.'Indian democracy has improved since globalisation': Meghnad Desai

Indian-born British Economist Lord Meghnad Desai held globalisation 'good', and indicated it had improved Indian democracy, in a candid interview with The Hindu Centre's M.R.Venkatesh, on the sidelines of one of his sessions at the seventh Jaipur Literature Festival.

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