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Mullaiperiyar Dam Controversy: Myths, Realities, and Challenges

A 120-year-old dam owned and operated by Tamil Nadu, but located in neighbouring Kerala, has been cause for an inter-State water conflict in southern

How the States Polled: Lessons for BJP, INC

Notwithstanding the fact that the BJP/NDA appear to be on a strong wicket in national politics after the elections to five States, these poll results

Kerala: A Verdict against Corruption and Degeneration of Values

True to form, voters in Kerala have changed their government. The incumbent United Democratic Front (UDF) led by the Indian National Congress (INC) l

The Voters' Dilemma in Kerala

The 2016 Assembly election is crucial for the three fronts in Kerala. While the United Democratic Front (UDF) is making all efforts to continue in pow

"Neo-liberalism" to the aid of Maoists

Maoists are becoming less adventurous in their operational strategies, increasingly relying on joining popular protests against neo-liberalism, says K