July 2023
COVID-19 Compendium (July 2023): Official Information on COVID-19 Released by India and the WHO [HTML and PDF]

An up-to-date compilation of more than 1,800 official statements by the Government of India from January 17, 2020. Links to articles published by The

NITI Aayog Report: National Multidimentional Poverty Index 2023
Report: National Multidimentional Poverty Index 2023 - A Progress Review 2023 [PDF 34.4 MB]

“The National Multidimensional Poverty Index: A Progress Review 2023 presents the second edition of the national MPI and is a follow-up to the Baselin

Full text: Forest Bill “last nail in the coffin” for India’s forest resources, former civil servants caution MPs [PDF 228 KB]

A group of retired senior civil servants has expressed concern over the proposed FCA (Amendment) Bill, 2023, and has urged Members of Parliament to “n

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Textbooks and the Curriculum: Understanding the Politics

In many countries across the world, the active omnipresence of conflicting ideologies is nowhere as apparent as when it comes to official textbooks. G