August 2016
My life’s mission to win for India the people of Kashmir is lost irretrievably: Wajahat Habibullah

The surge of Kashmiri nationalism in the Valley could have been harnessed as social capital. But the recent orgy of violence has put paid to that hope

It’s Amit Shah’s Rule in Gujarat, but can he Deliver in 2017?

Narendra Modi’s exit from Gujarat’s State politics has brought into the open fissures and vulnerabilities within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that

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Environment and Forests are Always the Casualties of Quick Economic Returns: Brij Kishore Singh

Brij Kishore Singh of the 1976 batch of the Indian Forest Service served the State of Karnataka for nearly 38 years in different wings of the Forest D

Can Soft Power Facilitate India’s Foreign Policy Goals?

Despite the huge potential of India’s soft power, it has not been optimally used thus far. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, through his high visilibity a

'Our fight is for the restoration of the Constitutional vision': Bezwada Wilson

Some months ago, I reliably learnt that the Narendra Modi Government had approached Bezwada Wilson for a Padma award but that he had shown no intere