August 2014
At least a Vajpayee, if not a Nehru

Transformational leaders will be judged not merely by the style of their speeches but more by the substance of their actions.

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Sumit Chaturvedi - Report Published

Sumit Chaturvedi is a graduate in journalism honours from Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi, and a post graduate in Political Science from

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Deya Bhattacharya - Report Published

Deya Bhattacharya completed her first degree in law, graduating with honours in International Law, from India in 2013. Thereafter, she received a fell

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Bharti Mishra Nath- Report Published

Bharti Mishra Nath is a print-media journalist of over 17 years who has worked in leading Indian English dailies including The Times of India,

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Rajesh Kumar Rai - Report not Submitted

Rajesh Kumar Rai is interested in the areas of Social Epidemiology, Global Public Health, and Population Policy. He has an M.A. in Geography, MPhil in

Nandini Dubey - Report Published

Nandini Dubey has a Masters Degree in Economics with specialisation in Public Economics, International Economics and Mathematical Economics from S.N.D

Vanya Mehta - Report Published

Vanya Mehta is a freelance journalist with articles published in The New York Times, BBC India, The Caravan magazine, and TwoCircles.