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The Arena Perspectives and analysis from the Centre's commentators and scholars.


    Mr. Modi's 100 Days: A Reality Check

    Vidya Subrahmaniam

    Much of the adulatory media coverage of the performance of the Modi Government in its first 100 days overlooked significant gaps between intent and action, points out Vidya Subrahmaniam.

  • Photo: The Hindu

    Naga Identity - Ideals, Parallels, and Reality

    Namrata Goswami

    The Naga Hoho, the apex civil society body of the Nagas, while striving for a unified Naga identity, has been fighting a losing battle to bring about reconciliation among the several factions of Naga militias divided along tribal lines or factional loyalties that override ethnicity. The major challenge towards building a cohesive political unit is a fragmented identity engaged in internecine strife with bloodied consequences, which is in opposition to the larger Naga identity, says Namrata Goswami.

  • Women in Jalandhar light candles in memory of the victims of the rapes in Badaun. Photo: PTI


    Not Merely Toilets: Reframing the Badaun Rape Debate

    Swati Parashar

    If the Delhi gang rape was all about ‘how can this happen in India’, the messages from Western perspectives on Badaun seem to suggest, ‘this can happen only in India’. Swati Parashar calls for delinking the anger surrounding sexual violence against women from the development debate, and points out that the former is rooted more in a patriarchal society’s fallacies over the place of women in society.

Foreign relations, despite being a Union subject, has high relevance for the States, particularly those along the country’s border. In this study on India-Pakistan ties and the active interest shown by the Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat in furthering bilateral trade relations, Tridivesh Singh Maini, argues for the need to factor-in the aspirations and needs of States in shaping foreign relations.
Narendra Modi speaks at a rally in Vandalur. Photo: PTI

General Elections 2014

BJP’s Elusive Search in Tamil Nadu


The BJP’s strategy to raise its vote share in Tamil Nadu to 16 per cent by enlisting the support of smaller regional parties and caste-based groups was apparent at Narendra Modi’s recent rally in Vandalur. Yet, despite the apparent support, Modi’s ability to connect to India’s multi-cultural and linguistic population remains unclear.