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  • Kashmiris stand in queue to cast their vote at Shadipora. Photo : AP

    Jammu and Kashmir

    Polls in the Time of Terror

    Sheikh Saleem and Vasundhara Sirnate

    The December 6 attack by militants in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), during the Assembly elections that have so far witnessed high turnouts, has thrown the spotlight on the dynamics of an insurgent ploy – the call to boycott polls in an attempt to depress voter turnout ahead of the remaining phases of polls.

  • Interview

    'I am trying to learn the art and craft of politics' − Ram Madhav

    Bharti Mishra Nath

    Former national spokesperson of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Ram Madhav, recently inducted into the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as a general secretary, is considered to be a confidant of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah. Excerpts from a telephone interview with Bharti Mishra Nath, a former Public Policy Scholar at The Hindu Centre.


Mr. Modi's 100 Days: A Reality Check

Vidya Subrahmaniam

Much of the adulatory media coverage of the performance of the Modi Government in its first 100 days overlooked significant gaps between intent and action, points out Vidya Subrahmaniam.
Child victims of the 2014 Kashmir flood sleep on a median amidst traffic. Photo: AP


When Srinagar Sank

Vasundhara Sirnate

Conflicting versions of the army’s role during the Kashmir floods make it difficult to ascertain the truth of the rescue efforts, says Vasundhara Sirnate, in a first person account of her experiences during the natural disaster that struck the State.