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Public Policy Scholars

  • The Hindu Centre will host on a rotational basis short-term scholars to work on projects for a period of 12 to 16 weeks that will examine issues of more immediacy on the national agenda. Public policy practitioners and bureaucrats would be strong candidates for such scholarships.

    Upon completion of the projects, the Public Policy Scholars are expected to produce Papers/Reports containing conclusions or findings based on original explorations of current political or policy issues. The Centre places a premium on studies that will offer fresh perspectives on long-standing challenges or explore new and hitherto unexplored issues on the public agenda, reflecting the changing contours of the wider Indian public discourse.

    The conclusions of such explorations should add up to original policy approaches to the issues under study. The Scholars will be paid remuneration for the duration of their studies and will be provided with work stations at the Centre's office in Chennai.

  • Applications for the second round of Public Policy Scholars have now been closed

    Your Say

    • Given media's brazen distortions on key public policies due to the vested interest of the promoters, there are tendencies of warming up to a particular political party. We the public are really relieved that "The Hindu" for the people, by the people and of the people, has risen to the occasion in making us explore, understand and critically evaluate the subjects which effect us in our everyday life. The spirit of nationalism is felt when we read the paper, and now The Hindu Centre for Politics and Public Policy will be a part of our lives every day.

      - Rajesh Katragadda
    • Good initiative. We have economic growth. But how can we convert this into economic welfare? We have to politicize our people in the right direction, not in a Right direction. All the best!

      - Abdul Latheef
    • A delight to learn of this splendid initiative. I will really look forward to the publications of the Centre – we sorely need well-researched policy interventions.

      - Arun Shourie