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Public Policy Scholars

  • The Hindu Centre will host on a rotational basis short-term scholars to work on projects for a period of 12 to 16 weeks that will examine issues of more immediacy on the national agenda. Public policy practitioners and bureaucrats would be strong candidates for such scholarships.

    Upon completion of the projects, the Public Policy Scholars are expected to produce Papers/Reports containing conclusions or findings based on original explorations of current political or policy issues. The Centre places a premium on studies that will offer fresh perspectives on long-standing challenges or explore new and hitherto unexplored issues on the public agenda, reflecting the changing contours of the wider Indian public discourse. The conclusions of such explorations should add up to original policy approaches to the issues under study.

  • Applications for the fourth round of Public Policy Scholars are now closed

    Your Say

    • Splendid work by The Hindu. It shows how serious the organization is about making change in all areas of importance. By starting the Hindu Centre, a think tank in the public policy field, it will help in formulating a more pragmatic framework for development in India. Congrats for such a wonderful initiative.

      - Khurram Sajjad
    • This is a great initiative. For a democratic country like ours, we need a platform where we can hear and respond to the voice of the general public and media to bring about policy-level changes for better governance. Hope The Hindu Centre will be this catalyst.

      - Hemachandran
    • Your mission is a very important one, and the Delhi Policy Group would be happy to collaborate wherever you think suitable.

      -  Radha Kumar, Director, Delhi Policy Group