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Public Policy Scholars

  • The Hindu Centre will host on a rotational basis short-term scholars to work on projects for a period of 12 to 16 weeks that will examine issues of more immediacy on the national agenda. Public policy practitioners and bureaucrats would be strong candidates for such scholarships.

    Upon completion of the projects, the Public Policy Scholars are expected to produce Papers/Reports containing conclusions or findings based on original explorations of current political or policy issues. The Centre places a premium on studies that will offer fresh perspectives on long-standing challenges or explore new and hitherto unexplored issues on the public agenda, reflecting the changing contours of the wider Indian public discourse. The conclusions of such explorations should add up to original policy approaches to the issues under study.

  • Applications for the fourth round of Public Policy Scholars are now closed

    Your Say

    • This is really a laudable initiative from The Hindu, well in line with its reputation as India's national daily. Though news reporting by The Hindu' team has always been above board and politically neutral, barring a bit of left leaning in your editorials over the years. I hope the Hindu Centre will aid in developing a sound political culture in our nation. May this venture fructify in formulating an ethical, pragmatic and patriotic mindset in tomorrow's leaders. My best wishes to the Centre.

      - VAISAKH S. S.
    • Seems like a nice initiative. I look forward to follow it. I would request concerned people not only to involve research fellows and experts in the relevant fields but also students. By students I do not mean those in higher education only, it could be anybody who is educated and whose voice is never heard.

      - Ashutoshvichore
    • Indeed great news. Timely and also much needed academic pursuit for better governance practices. All the best.

      - Mohan Babu Mogili