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Application for Annual Research Fellows

* Mandatory Fields

Covering letter

All applications must include a covering letter outlining the nature and purpose of the research.

The covering letter in not more than 300 words should also state how the research and other work of the applicant during her/his tenure at the Centre will contribute to the rebuilding of public faith in India's democratic process.

Applicants are advised to read the relevant programme description on The Hindu Centre's website here

Covering letter can be sent directly to research@thehinducentre.com with the candidate's name and the position applied for mentioned in the subject line as follows: "Covering letter: Candidate's name - Research Fellow."


Personal Details

*Street Line 1
Street Line 2
*Date of birth


*University / College Name *Location *Course *Degree / Grade
*School *Location *Date of completion *Certificate / Grade


Research experience

*Institution *Area of research *Title of Papers /
*Collaborators *Date *Citations

Other work experience

*Institution *Location *Position & type of work *Specialisation *Period of employment

Research proposal

*Please include a detailed proposal of 1,500-2,000 words explaining the nature and type of research, how the applicant is suited in terms of qualifications, background and past work to pursue the research, importance and relevance of the subject, basis of the proposed research in current knowledge and its relationship with ongoing research, methodology, and resources to be drawn upon. It should also provide an idea of how the research will advance understanding, its application and utility, and the outcome of the research in terms of publications. The proposal should also explain how it will illuminate aspects of Constitutional principles or political processes.
*Please provide a summary of the research proposal in 500 words.

Candidate profile

*Please include a summary in not more than 500 words of the expertise you bring to the proposed research and the time frame involved for the completion of the research.

Participation in the Centre's activities

*Will the applicant be able to contribute to the Centre's website and online activities including blogs? In what way? (250 words)
Please outline how you will be able to participate in the other activities of the Centre. (250 words)


Please scan and upload two references from persons familiar with your work in support of your qualifications and eligibility for the Annual Fellowships.
Alternatively, referees may email their references directly to research@thehinducentre.com with the candidate's name and position applied for mentioned in the subject line as follows: "Reference: Candidate's name - Research Fellow."

(Upload Only: .jpg,.png,.gif,.pdf)

(Upload Only: .jpg,.png,.gif,.pdf)

Samples of writing

*Please submit along with the application two samples of your research / writing work either as URLs or as document files.
http:// OR
(Upload Only: .doc,.docx,.pdf,xlsx)
(Upload Only: .doc,.docx,.pdf,xlsx)
Note: Total file upload size should not exceed 4 MB