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N. Ravi

  • N. Ravi is a Director of Kasturi & Sons Ltd. He isEditor-in-Chief of The Hindu, and has been in journalism since 1972.

    N. Ravi holds a Master’s degree in Economics and a degree in Law, and was a Fellow at the Harvard Law School in 2000 and Shorenstein Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in 2004.

    He was Editor of The Hindu from 1991 to 2011. Joining The Hindu in 1972, he had earlier served as Reporter, Assistant Editor, Washington Correspondent, Deputy Editor and Associate Editor. His special areas of interest and writing include constitutional and political issues, economic policy, international economy, free speech and human rights, and India-U.S. relations.

    He is the recipient of several professional awards, including the G. K. Reddy Memorial Award and BREAD Role Model Award, and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati. Among his other interests, he was President of the Federation of Amateur Radio Societies of India, and of the Tamilnadu State Aquatic Association.

    He is currently a member of the National Integration Council, and between 2006 and 2008 was a member of the National Security Advisory Board of the Government of India. He is a member of the governing board of the International Press Institute (IPI), Vienna, and is the Chairperson of the India Chapter of IPI. He was the Chairman of the Press Trust of India (PTI), India’s premier news agency, and is currently a director of PTI. He is President of the Editors Guild of India.

    Your Say

    • Our political party system is a great failure. The so called bureaucrats are also dependent on their political bosses most of whom are notorious for their unbecoming character as well as conduct as we see series of scams involving thousands of crores. so the bureaucrats also tend to be corrupt. There is no control. The CBI etc are also under the control of the Govt., headed by our elected political leaders.
      the party system should be first abolished and people should select /elect people of high standing ,moral character and conduct. We have still a hand count of honest politicians and bureaucrats., like our P.M., Mr Manmohan singh Mr .Modi etc.But MrManmohan singh has become ineffective where as Mr Modi is shining well.It is not the party to which the person belongs, it is his individual caliber .But the Vote politics in India is such that MxM is powerful in many parts of the country.I mean Muscle power and Money Power. People are slowly realizing but it will take long time .

      - Badri Srinivasan
    • Great initiative! Congratulations!

      - Suresh Kumar Bopparaju
    • The Indian electorate is predominantly rural, uneducated and mostly unaware of the value of their vote.Their relevance to the vote is limited to the caste of the candidates involved and other considerations like money etc.This weakness is exploited by the vested interests with the result it is difficult for sincere, honest and knowledgeble persons to successfully contest the elections.There is no attempt on the part of political parties to educate the illiterate electorate on their role and on the value and significance of vote in matters of governance. I hope that The Hindu centre would help fill this gap in a non-partisan way in the interests of our democracy.

      - Nanduri Somaya